Our ambition : to serve patient care

Cyclopharma / History

New trends in Molecular Imaging have shaped a global project.

Our company originated in August 2000 to allow patients to access an innovative radiopharmaceutical technology and position ourselve as a keyplayer in the Molecular Imaging sector.
  • Foundation

  • First Site…

    … of radiopharmaceutical production in Nice, and Glucotep's Market Authorization

  • CERRP foundation…

    … in july 2006 with Tours University partnership

  • Fifth site opening

  • Eighth site opening

  • Denos Group's…

    … arrival, in july 2013, as majority shareholder.

  • Pharm'image Platform…

    … for pharmaco-imaging and biomarker companion in molecular imaging development.

  • Ninth site opening

    in Dijon

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