Management team

Olivier Carli


A  serial entrepreneur in Healthcare


• Co-Founder of DENOS Group

• Founder of Ideal Medical Product and Scient’X

• Executive Chairman of AF-Cell Liventa

Bernard Landes

General Manager

A strategic vision of Healthcare with operational excellence


• 20 years experience in pharmaceutical and IT companies

• Previously Financial Director of Baxter France

• Rouen B.S and INSEAD

Jean-Bernard Deloye

Deputy GM and R&D Director

Scientific and technologic expertise


• 20 years experience in pharmaceutical sector

• Previously Qualified Person at MDS Nordion

• Doctor in pharmacy and DESC of radiopharmacy

Jean-Marc Decomps

Deputy GM and RA, QA Director

Operational and regulatory quality


• 30 years experience in nuclear and pharmaceuticals sector

• Qualified Person

• Doctor in Pharmacy and  Graduate of the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy of Paris

Jérôme Francillard

Chief Financial Officer

Operational excellence and anticipation for the growth


• 15 years experience in consulting and in financing growth

• Previously CFO for a start up

• Grenoble Management School

Matthias Bedue

Head of Maintenance

Technology for operational efficiency


• 15 years experience in pharmaceutical and HighTech sector

• Previously Engineer for Cyclotrons’ development

• Engineer INSA Lyon


Sidonie Faure-Garçon

Head of Production and Distribution

The animation of a radiopharmaceutical production network


• More than 5 years experience in RadioPharmaceutical Industry

• A career in production at Cyclopharma : from the production site to the national network

• Doctor in Pharmacy


Stéphanie Engel

Secretary General

Project management efficiency dedicated to the business strategy


• 15 years experience in Pharmaceutical and IT Industry

• Previously Quality Manager
GN NetTest

• Engineer Agro Sup Dijon

Margaux Joubert

Head of HR

Talents management 


• 5 years experience in Pharmaceutical Industry

• HR positions at Schwarz Pharma and

• Institute of Social Management – Paris


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